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N.D.P. / C.S.F. Operational Programmes
Cohesion Fund
Community Initiatives
Ireland's N.U.T.S II & III Regions
N.D.P. / C.S.F. Evaluation Process
Case Studies of Programmes / Projects
Press Releases & Publications
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Welcome to our site

E.U. Structural Funds co-finance development programmes among the Member States of the European Union.

This website provides information on the E.U. Structural Funds in Ireland.

Visit our 'Overview' section for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions
To find out everything you want to know about E.U. Structural Funds, visit our 'Frequently Asked Questions' section.
Glossary of Terms
  • N.D.P. = National Development Plan
  • C.S.F. = Community Support Framework
  • N.U.T.S. = Nomenclature of Territorial Statistical Units
  • F.O.I. = Freedom of Information
  • F.A.Qs = Frequently Asked Questions
Visit our 'Glossary of Terms' section for more.
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