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'Celtic Voyager' Sea Research Vessel

Celtic Voyager is Ireland's new ocean research vessel. The new vessel is 31.4 metres long and powered by a 650KW power engine which gives her a design speed of ten knots, and an endurance of seventeen days at sea.

She is fitted with a bow thruster for precision manoeuvring, precision navigation equipment, and a comprehensive arsenal of the latest navigation equipment.

She was funded from the Marine Research Measure of the Operational Programme for Fisheries 1994 - 1999, and has replaced the Lough Beltra - a 21 metre converted trawler which has served Irish Scientists for the past 20 years. The design and construction of the new vessels took place over a two year period at a cost of approximately IR£2million.

Celtic Voyager mission plans over the next few years include environmental surveys, pollution monitoring, fisheries management studies, underwater exploration oceanographic surveys and mineral resources exploration - all of which are planned to underpin the sustainable development of Ireland's tremendous marine resources.

Implementing Authority: Marine Institute

This project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (E.R.D.F.).

Photograph of the Celtic Voyager.
The Celtic Voyager
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