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Stepping Stones

The Stepping Stone Project Interreg II (Ireland/Wales) is a co-operative venture between the Youth Council of Waterford VE.C. and the Prince's Trust Charity in Pembrokshire. Both bodies select small groups of individuals, aged between 18 and 25, whose personnel development has been inhibited by social disadvantage, lack of education/career opportunity or lack of confidence/motivation. Participants undergo a 12 week training course (split between Pembrokshire & Waterford) which introduces them to aspects creative arts, information technology and outdoor pursuits.

The purpose is to deepen cultural links, develop confidence, self-motivation and teamwork capabilities. Participants also get a relevant cross-regional vocational qualification. Since the completion of the first groups training, most of the trainees are now in employment or further education. One trainee from Waterford had been unemployed for six months and having completed the Stepping Stone course is now doing a third-level course in forestry.

The Stepping Stone project is part - financed by the European Social Fund (E.S.F.).
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