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Women in Agriculture

As most farms are inherited by men, more men than women participate in training in the Agriculture sector. Teagasc undertake a number of initiatives to encourage more women to participate and have developed a schedule of training courses specifically tailored for women in agriculture and rural development. During 1997 over 2,000 women attended Teagasc courses and this figure is expected to increase in the future.

Teagasc training courses, designed for both men and women, contain a module on involving women in decision making in agriculture and rural development. Where women's interest groups determine their own training needs Teagasc endeavours to provide training. Special allowances are given to women apprentices and training materials have been made gender neutral. Three courses tailored specifically for women include:

  • Farm Management/Schemes (accounts, quotas, taxation, reps).
  • Rural Enterprise Courses (rural tourism, mushroom production, enterprise development in food products, poultry enterprises).
  • Rural Development/Community Development Courses.

Teagasc's strategy is to encourage more women into the more general agricultural courses once they have completed one of the courses specifically tailored for women.

Teagasc Training Courses are part-financed by the European Social Fund (E.S.F.).

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