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Community Initiatives

Reform of the Structural Funds in 1988 resulted in the provision of a budget for special programmes, known as Community Initiatives, to find common solutions to specific problems affecting the whole of the E.U.. They are co-financed by the E.U. Structural Funds but are outside the Community Support Framework Structure.

Four Community Initiatives will operate in Ireland in the 2000-2006 period:

The Community Initiatives are based on guidelines drawn up by the European Commission and prepared in consultation with a Regional Policy Committee that consists of senior civil servants nominated by the Member States. On the basis of these guidelines, the appointed Managing Authority for each Community Initiative in each Member State draws up an Operational Programme (O.P.) for each Initiative. Ireland will receive 1.5% of the total E.U. budget for Community Initiatives for the 2000- 2006 period - this amounts to €176 million.

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