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INTERREG promotes cross-border, transnational and inter-regional co-operation within the E.U.. It covers cross-border projects under 3 strands:

Strand A
Strand A involves joint projects between neighbouring regions. In Ireland two Programmes are supported under this strand.

  1. Ireland - Northern Ireland Programme
  2. Ireland - Wales Programme

Strand B
Strand B allows for the elaboration of spatial development strategies in large transnational "European Regions" which cover a number of neighbouring E.U. Member States in specific regions. Ireland is included in 2 transnational INTERREG regions, the North-West Europe Region and the Atlantic Area Region. Projects under Strand B have to fulfill the criteria specified in the programme covering each specific region, and will be administered by joint Secretariats established for each region.

Strand C
Strand C provides for inter-regional cooperation, particularly between the different INTERREG regions specified under Strand B. These will be administered in conjunction with the Secretariats for Strand B transnational regions.

INTERREG is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (E.R.D.F).

The E.R.D.F. has allocated €89.3m to organisations in Ireland involved in cooperative projects under INTERREG during the current programming period (until 2006). The organisations charged with promoting awareness of these programmes and facilitating Irish involvement are:

Organisasions promoting awareness of INTERREG Programmes:
Organisation INTERREG Programme
Special European Union Programmes Body
Ireland - Northern Ireland Programme
Southern & Eastern Regional Assembly

Ireland - Wales Programme

North West Europe Programme

Strand C - Interregional Programme

Border Midland & Western Regional Assembly
Atlantic Area Programme

For further information on the North West Europe Programme please contact:
Ronan Gingles,
Programme Liaison Officer,
Interreg North West Europe Programme,
Southern and Eastern Regional Assembly,
Assembly House,
O'Connell St,

Tel: + 353 51 860711
Fax: +353 51 879887


For further information on the Atlantic Area Programme please contact:
Michael O'Brien,
Programme Liaison Officer,
Atlantic Area Programme,
Border, Midlands and Western Regional Assembly,
The Square,
Co. Roscommon.

Tel: + 353 (0) 94 9862970
Fax: +353 (0) 94 9862973


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