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The N.D.P. / C.S.F. Evaluation Unit

The N.D.P./C.S.F. Evaluation Unit is the key body involved in evaluation of the National Development Plan (N.D.P.) and Community Support Framework (C.S.F.) for Ireland 2000 - 2006. The Unit is an independent unit under the aegis of the Department of Finance. The Unit undertakes or commissions evaluations of the N.D.P./C.S.F. Operational Programmes and also provides advice and assistance to the European Commission, Government Departments, regional assemblies and other bodies on programme monitoring and evaluation issues generally. The Unit is part funded by the European Union Structural Funds.

For further information please contact:
N.D.P./ C.S.F. Evaluation Unit,
Frederick Buildings,
South Frederick Street,
Dublin 2,

Tel: +353 1 6045333
Fax: +353 1 6045334

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