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When is Evaluation Undertaken?

In line with the provisions of the E.U. Regulations, the N.D.P./C.S.F. is subjected to ex-ante, ongoing (including mid-term) and ex-post evaluation.

  • Ex-Ante evaluation is carried out before programmes are agreed. In terms of the evaluation approach, the main focus is on the question of programme rationale. The ex-ante evaluation of the 2000-2006 N.D.P./C.S.F. was a two-part process. Firstly, the ESRI was commissioned to prepare an independent analysis of investment needs for the Irish economy for the 2000 to 2006 period. The report, entitled National Investment Priorities for the Period 2000-2006, was published in March 1999 and informed the preparation of the Plan. At a later stage, a formal ex-ante evaluation, entitled Ex-Ante Evaluation of the National Development Plan 2000-2006, was carried out by the C.S.F. Evaluation Unit (now N.D.P./C.S.F. Evaluation Unit) in November 1999 and submitted to the European Commission with the N.D.P.
Image of a Word document. Download Ex-Ante Evaluation of the National Development Plan 2000-2006 Word doc (420KB)
  • Ongoing evaluation, including mid-term. Mid-term evaluation of each Operational Programme, as well as of the N.D.P./C.S.F., is a requirement of the E.U. regulations. The main objective of these evaluations, which will feed into the mid-term review process, is to assess the need for changes to the programmes at the half way stage in the light of progress to date and changes in the socio-economic situation. These evaluations have been commissioned from external consultants. On completion, they will be discussed by the relevant monitoring committees and will be available here in late September (O.P. evaluations) and early November (N.D.P./C.S.F.).
  • In addition to the mid-term reports, other evaluations are also carried out of particular areas or themes under the different operational programmes. These reports are commissioned or undertaken by the N.D.P./C.S.F. Evaluation Unit, under an agreed work programme. Evaluation reports prepared under the 2001 to 2003 work programme can be downloaded below. (Where studies were contracted out, the names of the external consultants appear in brackets. All other reports were prepared internally in the N.D.P./C.S.F. Evaluation Unit). To view these reports, visit our 'Evaluation Reports' section.
  • Ex-post evaluation is carried out after the completion of the programming period. The main focus is on the question of the impact of the programmes. Details of the results of the ex-post evaluation for the 1994-1999 N.D.P./C.S.F. are available on the European Commission website. Visit the European Commission website.

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