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Ireland's N.U.T.S II & III Regions

The Regionalisation arrangements negotiated by the Government in the context of the Agenda 2000 agreement resulted in the designation of the country into two N.U.T.S. II Regions for Structural Funds purposes:
  • The Border Midland & Western Region (B.M.W. Region) which has retained Objective 1 status for the purpose of Structural Funds for the full period to 2006.
  • The Southern and Eastern Region (S&E; Region) which will qualify for Structural Funds under a phasing out regime for Objective 1 up to the end of 2005.

Following this designation, two new Regional Assemblies were established and came into effect on the 21st July 1999 under the Local Government Act, 1991 (Regional Authorities) (Establishment) Order, 1999. The Assemblies comprise of nominated elected representatives of the Regional Authorities within each region.

The main roles of the Regional Assemblies are to:
  • Manage the Regional Operational Programme under the National Development Plan, 2000 - 2006.
  • Monitor the general impact of all E.U. Programmes under the National Development Plan/Community Support Framework 2000-2006 within the Region.
  • Promote the co-ordination of the provision of Public Services in the Region.
For further information contact:
Border Midland & Western Regional Assembly,
Dillon House,
Co. Roscommon.
Director: Gerry Finn
Assistant Director: Kieran Moylan

Tel: +353 0 (94) 986 2970
Fax: +353 0 (94)986 2973

Southern and Eastern Regional Assembly,
Assembly House,
O'Connell Street,
Director: Stephen Blair
Assistant Director: Ivan Grimes

Tel: +353 051 860700
Fax: +353 051 879887

Regional Authorities
The eight Regional Authorities were established in January 1994 under Section 43 of the Local Government Act, 1991. Each Regional Authority has established a E.U. Operational Committee, which is responsible for reviewing progress of the various Operational Programmes at a regional level (N.U.T.S. III). Membership of the E.U. Operational Committee comprises the elected members of the Regional Authority, which are nominated by the local authorities, local authority officials, and representatives of Government Departments and state agencies involved in implementing the National Development Plan.

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