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This website has been designed to be accessible to all visitors, regardless of disability. The site has been developed to conform to the Web Acessibility Initiative (W.A.I.) Priority 3 standards. Visit the W.A.I. website. Navigation of the site, including menus, tables and forms, follows the procedures outlined in these standards.

The site may be viewed in any browser or Internet device. However it is best viewed in one that complies with web standards created by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Visit the W3C website.

To help you get the most out of this browsing this site, please read the following:

Website Content
Some pages on this website by necessity contain Adobe Pdf and Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint content.

Page Layout
The main sections of the site are listed down the left-hand side of all pages. These main sections are:

There is additional navigation across the top of all pages. These sections are:

The Site Map can be used for navigating the site as well.

Resizeable Text
All text on this site is resizeable; it can be made larger or smaller according to your preferences by changing the default text size in your browser.
  • For Internet Explorer 5+ users: in the top bar of your browser, select View > Text Size. You can choose from 'Largest', 'Larger', 'Medium', 'Smaller', or 'Smallest'.
  • For Netscape 6+ users: in the top bar of your browser, select View > Text Size or Text Zoom. You can choose a precentage from 50 to 200%.
  • For Netscape 4+ users, in the top bar of your browser, select View > Increase Font.

'Skip Navigation' Link
There is a link near the beginning of all subpages of the site which allows users of speech browsers or screen magnification software to skip past all the navigation, and go straight to the main content of the page.

Please note
After using the 'Skip Navigation' link, users of speech browsers may have to click their 'Back' button twice , to return to a previous page.

Accesskey Shortcut
  • You can jump straight to the Search box on all pages by pressing Alt+s.
  • You can jump straight to the Home on all pages by pressing Alt+h.
  • You can jump straight to the Skip Navigation on all pages by pressing Alt+k.
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