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N.D.P. / C.S.F. Operational Programmes
Cohesion Fund
Community Initiatives
Ireland's N.U.T.S II & III Regions
N.D.P. / C.S.F. Evaluation Process
Case Studies of Programmes / Projects
Press Releases & Publications


Some Frequently Asked Questions:
What are the Structural Funds?
What is the Cohesion Fund?
Who decides what activities receive E.U. Structural Funds?
What is the role of the E.U. in the National Development Plan (N.D.P.)?
Who was involved in drafting the National Development Plan?
How much E.U. Structural Funds have been allocated to the N.D.P.?
What are the B.M.W. and S&E Region?
What areas of activity are funded by the Structural Funds?
How much money has Ireland received from the Structural Funds since joining the E.U.?
How do I apply for Structural Funds?
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Rail Improvements.
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