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General Structural Improvement

The measure contains four sub-measures:

1. Installation Aid for Young Farmers
This scheme aims to encourage the earlier transfer of farms to young farmers who will be able to adapt to the challenge of developing and broadening their farming activities and thus contribute to the maintenance of a viable rural community. It is open to farmers under 35 years of age at the time of first setting up who:

  • Practice farming as their main occupation on land owned and/or held on a long-term lease.
  • Fulfill at the time of first setting up on the farm or at least within two years of that date, certain requirements regarding occupational skills.
  • Are set up on the farm with requirement of one man work unit (mwu).
  • Have obtained full title/leasehold to the land.

A single premium of £5,600 is payable.

For further Details please contact:
Local Farm Development Service Office.

2. Scheme for the Subsidisation of Milk Quota Restructuring
This scheme will provide a subsidy to enable priority category milk producers to improve their viability by purchasing additional quota. The subsidy scheme is, therefore, directed towards smaller producers with quotas of less than 100,000 litres (22,000 gallons) who are committed to dairy farming. The level of subsidy is 50 pence per gallon.

Elligible criteria:

  • Producer with quotas below 100,000 litres.
  • Income of producer and partners below 15,000 of which at least 10,000 must come from agriculture.
  • Producers whose stocking density is below 1.4 LU/Hectare.
  • Producers must remain in milk production.
For further Details please contact:
Local Farm Development Service Office.

3. Producer Groups
Funds are available to assist the formation of producer groups as an encouragement to farmers to join together in a united effort to promote and market their produce. Applications may be made by groups representing the sheepmeat, cereals, beef, potatoes, pigmeat, farmhouse cheese, live plants and horticultural products and live farmed deer sectors.

The scheme provides for grant aid towards the cost of formation and operating expenses of producers groups with aid levels of up to 5% of the value of the produce marketed through the group.

The scheme was suspended in August 1996 when all funds had been allocated.

For further Details please contact:
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Food,
Agriculture House,
Kildare Street,
Dublin 2.

Tel: (01) 678 9011

4. Improvement of Cattle Breeding Infrastructures
This sub-measure provides support for the establishment of a National Cattle Breeding Organisation and the integration and co-ordination of the various cattle breeding activities. This organisation will be representative of all the bodies involved in cattle breeding. Breeding policy and broad strategy and plans for implementation of policy will be decided by the organisation. In addition, it will co-ordinate and support the activities of the various bodies. Standardised recording and testing procedures will be followed and data will be handled and processed in a co-ordinated and integrated way through a new National Cattle Breeding Database/Network.

For further Details please contact:
Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Food,
Agriculture House,
Kildare Street,
Dublin 2.

Tel: (01) 678 9011

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