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Human Resources Development

The E.S.F. will contribute approximately 2.1 billion E.C.U to the develoment of Human Resources in Ireland over the period 1994-1999. The Human Resources Development O.P. contains over 80% of all E.S.F. expenditure proposed in the Community Support Framework 1994 - 1999.

This O.P. contains a range of measures to address the training and educational needs of many different groups within Irish society. Through the provision of vocational education and jobs skills, the O.P. contributes to Ireland's economic development and enhances the employment prospects of unemployed people on the labour market.

The O.P. contains five separate elements, each incorporating measures directed towards achieving certain objectives:

Overall administration of the programme is the responsibility of:
Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment,
Davitt House,
65a Adelaide Road,
Dublin 2.

Tel: 676 5861

Photograph of children and childcare staff.
Drumshambo Childcare Facilities, Co. Leitrim.
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