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Urban and Village Renewal

This sub-programme is designed to promote sustainable physical, social and economic revitalisation of urban centres throughout the country. The measures span a range of urban centres from small villages to larger cities. During the 1994-1999 period £112.3 million is available for grants under this sub-programme. The sub-programme is aimed at Local Authorities and conservation groups.

The measures that can be funded are:

Five Major Initiatives in the Five Cities
This measure aims to support the revitalisation of core areas in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford. The areas to be revitalised are as follows:

  • Cork: North and South Main Streets, including Shannon Street and Barrack Street together with the East/West Tourist spine from Mardyke to Emmet Place including the Marsh.
  • Limerick: The King's Island area.
  • Waterford: The Stony Steps and South Quay's.
  • Galway: The Eastern Bank of the River Corrib as it follows through the old core city centre area and linkages to Eyre Square.
  • Dublin: The Smithfield/North King Street area ( north of the Liffey).

The scheme will in the main concentrate on a single area in need of renewal which should, if implemented, have a major impact on the wider urban area. Action Plans have been developed for each of the locations. Each local authority has established a steering group involving the social partners, community groups, Areas Partnerships and County Enterprise Boards to oversee the action plans in each area. Actions plans will involve many of the following elements:

  • Physical improvements to streets and street furniture.
  • Integration of remedial works to social housing.
  • Conservation measures.
  • Use of community employment to impact training in conservation and other skills.
  • The development of enterprise units.

Urban Improvements
The funding under this measure will be made available to local authorities to undertake environmental upgrading and streetscape improvements in towns. A range of measures including landscaping, pedestrianisation and eradication of derelict sites, will be carried out in various centres throughout the country. The aim is to improve the physical environment of towns in order to attract and sustain an enterprise base. Grant-aid to local authorities will be made available on the basis of match funds from local sources.

Village Improvement Scheme
Funding will be made available to Local Authorities to undertake village improvement schemes. General amenity improvements and the maintenance of the rural heritage will be among the initiatives assisted under the village renewal scheme. The overall aim is to help underpin the economic future of the villages concerned and the agriculture-based community in the vicinity on which they are dependent. Grant-aid will be made available on the basis of match funds from local sources.

Urban Conservation/Architectural Heritage
A range of initiatives to support the conservation and restore urban architecture are implemented through civic trusts, conservation groups and local authorities. The objective is to rehabilitate the built environment, in city/town centre areas, through the conservation and restoration of urban architecture and heritage buildings. There will be support for initiative designed to:
  • Upgrade significant landmark buildings including listed buildings in need of restoration
  • Bringing unused floors in commercial and retail outlets into use - living over the shops concept;
  • Restore historic features.

The Scheme will involve giving grant -aid to local authorities and other bodies on the basis of match funds from local sources.

Temple Bar Cultural Quarter
Funding is being provided towards the provision of a range of cultural facilities in the Temple Bar area of Dublin. The aim is to provide a new focus for tourism and culture in Dublin and will lead to regeneration of Dublin city centre.

Schemes planned include:

  • Temple Bar Gallery
  • Music Centre
  • Multi Media Centre
  • Childrens Cultural Centre
  • Centre for photography
  • Viking Museum
  • Theatre Complex.
Overall administration of the programme is the responsibility of:
Urban and Rural Development Section,
Department of the Environment and Local Government,
Custom House,
Dublin 2.

Tel: (01) 679 3377

Photograph of children and childcare staff.
Drumshambo Childcare Facilities, Co. Leitrim.
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