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The Transport Operational Programme is an integrated investment package in airports, ports, public transport and roads involving investment of £1,137 million.

The objectives of the package are to:

  • Improve the internal and access transport system to reduce costs and offset the negative effects of peripherality.
  • To increase the reliability of the transport system by removing bottlenecks, increasing capacity and reducing journey time.

This O.P. aims to contribute towards the achievement of the E.U. goal of economic and social cohesion by improving competitiveness and efficiency by investing in transport infrastructure and facilities.

The O.P. will focus on four main areas:

  • Public transport
  • National primary roads
  • Non-national roads
  • Sports and State airports

The O.P. consists of two sub-programmes as follows:

Overall administration of the programme is the responsibility of:
Department of the Environment,
O'Connell Bridge House,
Dublin 2.

Tel: (01) 679 3377

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Drumshambo Childcare Facilities, Co. Leitrim.
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