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Implementation of the N.D.P / C.S.F.

While, overall responsibility for the implementation of the Plan rests with the Department of Finance, each Operational Programme is administered by a Managing Authority. The authority, in turn, delegates the implementation of individual measures to an Implementing Body (in most cases a Government Department or State Agency).

Each programme is monitored by a Monitoring Committee, comprising representatives from the Government Department or State Agency responsible for implementing the measure, the Social Partners and the Managing Authority. These committees meet twice a year to review progress in the implementation of the Operational Programmes.

The establishment of the B.M.W. and S.& E. regions significantly increases the input and influence of the regions as the N.D.P. is developed and delivered. It represents a significant devolution of responsibility to the two Regional Assemblies by providing for the first time, for regional programmes in a National Development Plan. Up until now, the management of structural programmes has always been centralised at Government Department level in Ireland.

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