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Projects and Activities Funded by the E.U.

Projects & Activities funded by the E.U. Structural Funds under the N.D.P./C.S.F. 2000-2006 include:

Border Midland and Western Regional & Southern and Eastern Regional O.P.s:
  • Local Infrastructure improvements including Non National Road Improvements, Rural Water Schemes, Waste Management, Urban & Village Renewal and E-Commerce and Communications Infrastructure.
  • Local Enterprise Development in Tourism, Micro- Enterprise,Forestry Fishery Harbours and Aquaculture.
  • Agriculture and Rural Development and Improvements.
  • Childcare Facilities and Improvements, and Staffing.

Economic and Social Infrastructure O.P:
  • National Roads Programme and National Public Transport Services.
  • Waste Water Schemes.
  • Energy Conservation and Alternative/Renewable Energy.
Employment & Human Resoures Development O.P:
  • National Employment Service.
  • School Completion, Early School Leavers, Third Level Access Initiatives, skills training and traineeships.
  • In Company Training and Life-long Learning Initiatives.
  • Promotion and Monitoring of Equal Opportunities and Educational Equality.

Productive Sector O.P:
  • Research and Technical Development Infrastructure in Third Level Institutions and Manufacturing or internationally traded firms in Ireland.
  • Sea Fisheries Development.

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