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Evaluation Reports 1994 - 1999

Community Support Framework 1994 - 2001
Under the Community Support Framework 1994-1999, a high priority was attached to evaluation. Each of the nine main Operational Programmes were subject to ongoing evaluation in the form of either an internal independent evaluation unit or an external evaluator. As part of the mid-term review process completed in 1997, a mid-term evaluation was undertaken of the C.S.F. and of each of the nine Operational programmes, together with a mid-term evaluation of the regional impact of the C.S.F.. These evaluations were all carried out by independent external evaluators.

The C.S.F. Evaluation Unit was established in 1996. The C.S.F. Evaluation Unit exercised a co-ordination and advisory role in relation to the evaluation process.

Evaluation Reports under the C.S.F 1994 - 2001:
Image of a PDF document. Download Review of Ongoing Evaluation Function in the Community Support Framework (C.S.F) for Ireland, 1994-1999. C.S.F Evaluation Unit, October, 1998 pdf (504KB)
Image of a Word document. Download Proposed Working Rules for Cost-Benefit Analysis. C.S.F. Evaluation Unit, June, 1999. pdf (47.5KB)
Image of a Word document. Download Review of Project Selection Procedures and Appraisal Techniques in the C.S.F pdf (1.02KB)
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