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What are the E.U. Structural Funds?

The Structural Funds were created to help those regions, within the European Union, whose development is lagging behind. The aim is to reduce the differences between regions and create a better economic and social balance within and between Member States.

Structural Funds are allocated to Member States following the submission of a plan to the European Commission. The plan outlines the social and economic situation in the region, and the priorities and strategy for use of Structural Funds and details the financial resources of Member States.

The Four Funds

Four individual funds are collectively known as the E.U. Structural Funds.

  • European Regional Development Fund (E.R.D.F.)
    E.R.D.F. has the principal objective of promoting economic and social cohesion within the European Union through the reduction of imbalances between regions or social groups.

  • European Social Fund (E.S.F.)
    E.S.F. is the E.U.'s financial instrument for investing in people. Its mission is to help prevent and combat unemployment, to equip Europe's workforce to face new challenges, and to keep people in touch with the labour market.

  • European Agriculture Guidance and Guarantee Fund (E.A.G.G.F.)
    E.A.G.G.F. contributes to the structural reform of the agricultural sector and to the development of rural areas.

  • Financial Instument for Fisheries Guidance (F.I.F.G.)
    F.I.F.G. is the specific fund for the structural reform of the fisheries sector. 

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